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As a close-knit team of creative designers, craftsmen, and gemologists, we believe in using diamonds and gold to tell captivating stories. Our top priority is quality, and we take pride in crafting delicate, made-to-order jewelry, delivering it from our hands to yours.

Who is Aurous Fine Jewelry?

❁ Aurous Fine Jewelry is a distinguished luxury Fine Jewelry & Diamond Manufacturing company. Furled by a passion for perfection and a keen eye for detail, we skill-fully blend old-world charm with modern romance, creating timeless and elegant designs. Each exquisite piece is carefully crafted to hold profound significance for our clients, making it truly awe-inspiring.

Why Aurous Fine Jewelry?

❁ Aurous Fine Jewelry commenced its operations based on the basic principles of fair prices, a large assortment of jewelry, and customer satisfaction. Aurous Fine Jewelry holds a legacy of its own generations of the family have been actively involved in the jewelry trade. Even today, it continues to be owned and operated by family. We continue this commitment by providing our valued buyers with jewelry at fair and competitive prices.

❁ We are a family-owned jewelry store specialising in engagement rings, bridal sets, wedding bands, and ethically handcrafted rings featuring conflict-free natural diamond & moissanite.

❁ Craftsmanship
➠ Pure Art
At Aurous Fine Jewelry, our Diamonds & Moissanite are skillfully crafted by gifted craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail. Each Moissanite Diamond is conceived, cut, polished, and graded in-house, adhering to the most stringent proportions and standards. With a team of over 10 master artisans, we excel at cutting Diamonds & Moissanite into any shape with unparalleled precision, reviving the brilliance and life within each stone.

❁ Jewelry
➠ Pure Luxury
Aurous Fine Jewelry epitomizes luxury, a highly sought-after quality that resonates with consumers. As a genuine Trademark brand, we possess an innate understanding of our customers' needs and desires, tapping into their emotional motivations. Our skilled jewelers excel at transforming inspiration into exquisite objects of desire, making each piece truly captivating and alluring.